Sunday Worship

Morning Worship - Sunday 10.30am

Almost recognisable as 'traditional' worship with a children's Sunday Club and crèche. Tea and coffee are served in the Garden Room after the service.

Broughton St Mary's affirms people no matter creed, colour, gender, sexual orientation or age. During worship we want people to feel secure and at ease so they can personally express and develop their relationship with God.


The Labyrinth - by arrangement

Labyrinths, which have their origins in Greek mythology, have long been used by Christians as an easy and accessible form of prayer walk and pilgrimage.

The labyrinth includes ten stations representing the theme of journey to and from the centre, a journey towards God and then out again into the world, a journey of receiving and giving. It doesn't tell people what they should be thinking. It allows them time and space to think about themselves and their journey, and to respond in ways they feel appropriate.