Tower Repairs

Broughton St Mary’s needs your help!  In the summer of 2021 we embarked upon work to update the church building and facilities to better serve the many community and faith groups that use it.  The extensive works were carefully planned and budgeted, however since starting work, unforeseen problems have come to light with the iconic church tower.  The stonework of the dome and the lightning rod/weathervane were found to be in a perilous state and of imminent danger to the public below, and the decision was taken to make safe the tower as a matter of urgency.

We have been unable to get help from grant giving bodies who do not fund repairs once a project has started.  This has left a major funding gap (more of a gulf) which has had to be bridged with substantial loans.  Prolonged closure following 18 months of Covid restrictions has also devastated the church income.

Broughton St Mary’s is nearly 200 years old and is one of the most beautiful and recognisable buildings in the city.  If you are able, please donate to the cost of repairs to help the tower stand for another 200 years!

Broughton St Mary’s Just Giving Page

When the building works are complete, please book our facilities for your own group or event…or just come and visit us. All are welcome!

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