Messages of Sympathy

Following the sudden death of our minister The Rev Peter Macdonald, the Church has received many messages of sympathy and support. Two of these from our former minister The Rev Joanne Hood and our friends and neighbours at the Annandale Street Mosque are reproduced below.

To all my dear friends at Broughton St Mary’s

I was so shocked and saddened to hear the news of Peter’s death this week and instantly thought, not only of Lesley, and the rest of Peter’s family (whose grief I simply cannot imagine) but also of you. 

You are often in my thoughts and have been over these past, almost, eight years, since I moved to Hamilton and it had brought me such great happiness to hear of Peter’s appointment at Broughton St Mary’s as locum, and then his subsequent induction as parish minister. 

I have been lucky enough to know Peter a little over the years since I lived and worked in Edinburgh (as he did as parish minister at St George’s West) and I also got to interview him one day a few years ago for a video we were making for the general assembly and he was just so natural and engaging, in person and on screen. I thought he was such a great fit for all of you; both theologically – to allow BSM to continue flourishing as the affirming and inclusive church you have always wanted to be for your parish and its communities, and personally – with the character, enthusiasm and passion Peter would very naturally bring to all your hopes, dreams and visions for the future.

I know his ministry has meant a lot to you, and as a blessed recipient of your love from my own years at BSM, I know you will have shown that love and respect to Peter as well – just as he will have loved and respected you.  I can attest to the fact of how easy that is to do.

Please know that you are all in my prayers, that I have always held you in my heart and will continue to do so during this distressing season for you all.  You are a congregation of great resilience and strength because of the way you love one another and hold each other in that love.  This is not a period in your life you would ever have expected, or wanted to have to navigate – but navigate it you will!  Together.  The reason you have loved Peter so much is because he shared your values, your vision, your accepting and generous nature and your excitement for all that is new and challenging.  In moving forward together, as only you can, you will honour all those aspects of the man whose impact will never be lost at Broughton St Mary’s and whose ministry you will continue to honour for many years to come.

To my first love, with all my love and prayers,

Joanne xxx

Dearest members of the congregation of Broughton St Mary’s Parish Church,

Assalama – alaukum.  Peace be with you all.

It was with great sadness that we learnt of the passing away of your Imam – Minister Peter Macdonald.  We wish you to know that our thoughts are with you at this time.

Yesterday, at our Friday Jummah congregational prayer we made a du’a (supplication) for brother Peter.  We prayed that he is now in the presence of our maker, in peace and tranquillity.

We prayed for his family at this time. May God give them strength and patience to come to terms with this great loss. In particular we prayed for his wife, who has lost her wordly companion.  May God grant her “sabr” – patience and solace.

We prayed for the people linked with Broughton St Mary’s Parish Church who have lost their preacher and anchor.

All is in the hands of Allah. God gives us life. God takes life away. We have all been allotted a set number of days on this planet of ours. We have no power to change this number.

Peter was a good man. Through his work and the work of Minister Graham before him, along with our own brother Bashir Malik – our mosque and church became close. Inshallah – God willing – in the future we will continue to remain close.

Know that our prayers are with you.

In God’s hands, your friends

Imam Abdul Ghafoor, Bashir Malik, and The Congregation of Annandale Street Mosque

Thank you to all those who have sent messages of sympathy and support.  It is a great comfort to know that Peter’s family and the congregation of Broughton St Mary’s are in your thoughts and prayers.

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