Sole Nominee

The Rev Peter Macdonald has been invited to preach as Sole Nominee for the ministry at Broughton St Mary’s on Sunday 7 October at 10.30am.

Mr Macdonald has demonstrated to the Nominating Committee that he has the experience, range of skills and characteristics it is looking for in a minister. He has described his faith as incarnational and relational – it is in one another and in the world that we encounter the holy – and his theology as progressive, because God’s love and acceptance do extend to every human being without exception. He believes that relationship is the key to faith and to both mission and evangelism. We believe that this view is in tune with our ethos as we affirm people no matter creed, colour, gender, sexual orientation and age. The committee was unanimous in recommending Peter Macdonald to be its Sole Nominee. He has the experience and imagination to nurture personal faith, to enable Broughton St Mary’s to develop its ministry in the local community and to explore fresh opportunities for outreach to the parish.

Mr Macdonald, ordained in 1986, has over 30 years experience in ministry in different situations. From working in Pilton and Muirhouse in Edinburgh as an Assistant Minister, being a National Young Adult Adviser for the Church of Scotland and having parish ministries in a housing estate in Kirkcaldy and a city centre charge in Edinburgh. He was later appointed Leader of The Iona Community, an ecumenical organisation committed to the renewal of the life and worship of the Church and to the cause and justice of peace in the world. Latterly Mr Macdonald served for 10 months as Locum Minister at Broughton St Mary’s.

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