Election of Nominating Committee

We are now at the stage in our vacancy where we are looking to elect 9 people to serve on a Nominating Committee which will be tasked with bringing forward the name of one person to be the next minister of Broughton St Mary’s.

  • If your name appears on the Electoral Register, you will be written to by the Interim Moderator (Rev Sam Torrens) by post or email and advised that you may nominate the names of eligible individuals for appointment to the Nominating Committee.
  • Those eligible and seeking to make a nomination must ensure it is seconded and contains a statement of willingness to stand by a proposed candidate and returned by post or by email to mail@bstmchurch.org.uk by the 18 April.

Below is a copy of the notice that was read before public worship on Sunday 4 April.

Notice of Election of Nominating Committee (PDF, 125KB)

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